Small Scale Processing

In the new laboratory MOLAB has permanently set some pilot scale production equipment. This includes:

A Flash Pasteuriser. Capacity 1 litre per min. Currently set up process. Product is heated to 83°C then cooled down to 63°C for manual hot filling. This is the standard process used for juices and similar products in PET . Heat treatment process can be modified if required.

Carbonated beverage filler. Bottles only 350 ml glass bottles crown seal or screw closure may be filled. Capacity 4 bottles per min. Products containing up to 4.5 vols of CO2 have been filled. Product is batch carbonated in either 10 or 20 litre pressure vessels prior to filling. Products for the pasteurisation or carbonation may be batched on site if required.

Equipment for batching includes 40 litre tanks, silverson blender, 50 litre per hour activated carbon water filtration plant, pad filter for product Etc.

Vial filling. Molab has a small manual volumetric vial filler. Vials up to a maximum capacity of 20 mls may be filled. Machine is currently used to fill small batches of prepared liquid culture media prior to autoclaving. Other products filled must not compromise this operation.

Other equipment currently being recommissioned after the laboratory shift include:

Ion exchange water deionisation plant 20 litre per hour.

Retort 30 litre capacity. Has a pressure port through which five type T thermocouples are normally passed. In operation these are connected to a multiplexer and chart recorder for thermal process determination.

Contact me to find out if I can process your trial samples

Bob Molony