Testing & Services Available

Beverage Industry Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks, Fruit Juices and related products.

Routine analyses available include: All common in plants tests and analyses, acid beverage microbiology, preservatives, alcohol, refrigerant glycol contamination, trace metals, packaging headspace gases (CO2, O2, N2), caffeine, methanol, process water analyses surface tension etc etc.

Special services include: trouble shooting of process and production problems, extraneous matter identification, carbonation pressure gauge calibration (primary standard dead weight tester) , pilot scale carbonation and bottling, microbiology specific to acid beverages, etc

Water treatment

Bob Molony has done a considerable amount of work with process water treatment prior to his experience in the food industry and with in the industry. As a non-supplier, of water treatment equipment and/or chemicals, MOLAB is able to offer independent and unbiased advice on process water treatment problems and requirements.


MOLAB is able to offer microscopic identification of materials. Photomicrographs and macrophotography are available if evidential photographs are required.

Bob Molony has a long term interest in asbestos contamination. In 1968 while employed by the NZ Govt. he did the original work identifying the extensive asbestos contamination at Meremere Power station. Many of his former workmates are dead from asbestosis and he is on the register of those who have had industrial exposure to asbestos.

General Chemical Analysis

MOLAB carries out a wide variety of one off chemical tests and analyses.
The large laboratories carry out a variety of routine chemical analyses with automated equipment. While most analyses required are in this routine category problems can occur when the matrix and/or analyte fall outside the normal range. If the laboratory does not have a suitable analyst available they then; tell the client the job can not be done, sub contract the job (sometimes to MOLAB), or carryout the job using an inappropriate procedure with unreliable results.

All analyses at MOLAB are carried out by a qualified Chemical Analyst and not by a lab assistant.