Welcome to MOLAB

MOLAB Ltd is a Food Technology Consultancy and an Analytical Laboratory owned and operated by R.H.(Bob) Molony since 1992. MOLAB specialises in Beverage Industry work and one off or unusual testing and analytical work. Before the company he was employed by was taken over and closed down by a competitor Bob Molony had over 20 years as a Chief Chemist / Technologist in the Food and Beverage industry.

The many years in production facilities give a special insight into technical problems which occur in manufacturing plants. Recently MOLAB published a book “Whats Wrong with my Drink. The General Chemistry of Acid Beverages”. This book gives a special insight into manufacturing and packing problems associated with Beer, Carbonated Beverages, Fruit Juice & Drink, Soft Drinks, Syrups, Wine etc.

MOLABs laboratory is well equipped with a considerable variety of special equipment in addition to the more common laboratory equipment.